I am SO blessed you are here!

My Intention is to serve people to co-create their most Energetically aligned life with their beliefs and core values.

I teach holistic tools such as mindful yoga (not just "stretching") to connect into our bodies, guided meditation to BE present to our thoughts and emotions in conjunction with Energy Work techniques to vibrationally clear old habits that no longer serve our Highest Good.

What do you REALLY desire in your Life?
Optimal physical health?
Balanced mental/emotional well-being?
Relationships that are joy-filled?
Work that is meaningful & prosperous?

To cultivate anything in our lives we must be Energetically aligned with the beliefs behind each desire.

My offerings (listed below) are a reflection of the Inner Work I chose in order to create a lifestyle that brought me out of dis-ease and into Wholeness.
  Allow me to share my Sacred Path with you...

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Sacred Cacao Ceremony
IN PERSON event at 
The Yurt- Source Point Acupumcture
in Fort Collins, CO

A workshop to embody the qualities of the Divine Within. 

March 7th- Saraswati
April 11th- Durga
May 2nd- Kali
June 6th- Lakshmi
$35 each online workshop via Zoom
CEUs available for yoga teachers
Costa Rica Retreat
Yoga     Meditation    Cacao Ceremony
at Blue Spirit Resort

See Details HERE
LEVELS 1,  2  & Master

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